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Solid-flexible Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience to build clean code and simple design.

Experienced in business knowledge more than 8 industries. Most recent work is handle multi-repository microservices (Shipping, Member, Message, and Transaction) to increase 35% performance, 66% code effeciency, 90% unit test coveraged, and 100% linter & build success rate.

Collaborate with more than 30 developer with standard HTTP and strong version control system with git branching to improve 3 times faster development. Drive agile project development with scrum method to increase 50% velocity performance. Participate in UI/UX journey to improve 60% efficiency user perspective. Build tracing & logging to improve monitoring rate.

Handle processed transaction 55K messages/month with success rate > 90%. Recaped failed response from 3rd-party in sheet with solve problem rate 100%. Maintain settled transaction 6K shipping/quarter with success rate > 90%.

Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems & Diploma Degree in Accounting Information System Technology. Certified Accounting Services with Qualification / Competency: Preparation of Financial Statements Based on SAK ETAP (Indonesian Accounting Standards for Non-Publicly-Accountable Entities).


Abyan Juang Kecci



Date Of Birth:

09 June 1996


Pancoran, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Technical Skills

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." — Benjamin Franklin



  • REST API Server: http/net, labstack/echo, gofiber/fiber
  • Dependency Injection: uber-go/fx
  • Custom CLI: spf13/cobra
  • Custom Config File: spf13/viper
  • Database Libraries: jmoiron/sqlx, gorm, mongodb/mongo-go-driver
  • SQL Generator / ORM: Masterminds/squirrel
  • Migrations: golang-migrate/migrate
  • Swagger API Docs Generator: swaggo/swag
  • Swagger UI: swaggo/echo-swagger
  • Golang Linters: golangci/golangci-lint
  • Mock Generator: mockery
  • Custom Logger: sirupsen/logrus, uber-go/zap
  • Data Cache: go-redis/redis
  • Data Messaging: nsqio/go-nsq, google/pubsub
  • Library Manager: go mod



  • Framework: Spring Boot, ZK Framework, Thymeleaf
  • Relational Database: JPA, MyBatis, & Hibernate
  • Database: SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL) & NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)
  • Data Messaging: RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka
  • Data Caching: Redis
  • Quality-Gate Tools: Jenkins, SonarQube, New Relic
  • Report: Jasper Report
  • Builder: Maven / Gradle
  • Version Control: Github, Gitlab, Svn
  • Unit Test: JUnit, Mockito, PowerMock
  • Tools: Retrofit, Swagger, PojoBuilder, Lombok, RxJava
  • Server: Apache Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss, Jetty, Wildfly



  • Code Management: Git, Gitlab, SVN, Jira, Confluence
  • Project Management: Maven, Gradle, NPM
  • Testing tools: SonarQube, JUnit, Selenium
  • Server Automation Builder: Jenkins, Codeship
  • Deploy & Release tools: Docker, AWS, GCP, Heroku
  • Configuration Management: Consul HashiCorp, Kubernetes, Ansible
  • Monitoring tools: New Relic, Scalyr, Dynatrace


Product Management

  • Product Knowledge: Online Travel Agent, Travel Itinerary, Financial Technology, Telecommunications and Location Tracking Services, Human Resource Management System, and Point Of Sales.
  • Product Strategy: Product Vision, Product Roadmap, Customer Persona, Product Positioning, Product Differentiation, Goals & Initiatives
  • Product Design: Adobe XD, Sketchup, Zeplin, Marvelapp
  • Data Analysis: Google Analytics, Amplitude, Heap
  • Value Propositions: Value Proposition Canvas, Product Vision Board, Product Visual, Infographics
  • Product Life Cycles: Introductions, Growth, Maturity, Decline/Product Extension

Professional History

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

— Abraham Lincoln

  • PT. Ming Jaya Sejahtera (Jamtangan.com)
    Technical Lead
    Jul 2021 - Present (Full-time)
    Senior Backend Engineer
    Dec 2020 - Jul 2021 (Full-time)

    Launched in 2014, Machtwatch has become the biggest watch retail and e-commerce in Indonesia. Operating under PT Ming Jaya Sejahtera, Machtwatch specializes in selling timepiece products online mainly on our website Jamtangan.com and also partnering with several marketplaces. Machtwatch thrives to be a fast-growing start-up company that is committed to giving the most excellent experience for the customer in buying watches online.

    Job description

    • Responsible for Logistic Service (J&T, Sicepat, Jne, Sapexpress, Gosend, Grab-express)
    • Responsible for Utilities Service (Messaging with SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Push-Notif)
    • Responsible for Warehouse Management System (Purchasing, Fulfillment, Shipping, Pre-Delivery)
    • Responsible for Integrations Service (Transaction Order, Picking, Shipping, Packaging)
    • Responsible for Transactions Service (Cart, Voucher, Point, Shipping, Sales Order, Payment)
    • Responsible for Member Service (Session, Token, OTP, Login, Logout, Profile)
    • Outlining the goals for research, development, and automation execution.
    • Prepare Topology of Micro-Services in Machtwatch
    • Involved to Rewrite Monolithic Service to Semi-Micro Services
    • Initiate Pilot Project for Backend Service Architecture with Golang
    • Execute data acquisition, storage and operation.
    • Prepare Migration Scheme from Mono-Database to Micro-Database
    • Create timelines for the strategy implementation of the developers team.
    • Align Scrum with Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Development, Release Plan, Retrospective & Assist to Scope & Timeline Product Development
    • Manage technology operations by conducting leadership and coaching to the developers team & Assist Contribute Technical Standard Document in Machtwatch

  • PT. Global Tiket Network (Tiket.com)
    Backend Engineer
    Jun 2019 - Dec 2020 (Full-time)
    Jr. Backend Engineer
    Dec 2018 - Jun 2019 (Full-time)

    Tiket.com is one of the largest OTA (Online Travel Agent) companies in Indonesia that provides and organizes online ticket booking and purchasing systems and facilities. The products we offer are more varied, not only to meet your travel needs but also your free time. Tiket.com allows you to search for product information that you want, make an order, purchase, as well as make payments online and safely through various payment systems and facilities that we have provided for you.

    Job description

    • Responsible to Refund Service for Flight Refund & Hotel Refund
    • Responsible to Dashboard Refund Finance & Dashboard Refund CS
    • Responsible to Refund Disbursement for Tix Point, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Kredivo, Akulaku
    • Rewrite New Flow Refund Service for Version 2 (Integrate with Vertical Product)
    • Develop RESTful API Endpoint & Service
    • Develop Outbound Service for Internal & External API
    • Develop Inbound Service to consume or subscribe Kafka / RabbitMQ
    • Set up Java Spring Configuration with Retrofit, Swagger, OkHttp, DataSource, RabbitMQ, Kafka
    • Create Data Migration for Indexing, Alter Table, Insert Data with Internal Library Project (MongoTemplate & MySQL)

  • PT. Settrip Karya Bangsa (Settrip.id)
    Chief Product Officer
    Jan 2020 - Present (Part-time)
    VP Engineer
    Jan 2019 - Jan 2020 (Part-time)

    Settrip Founded March 18, 2017, We provide Online Trip Itinerary (Travel Plan) services from Attractions, Hotels, Flight, Trains, Cars, Buses, and Ships. There are 37 Provinces and 600,000 Tourist Attractions that have been collaborated. We have collaborated with Indigo (part of Telkom Indonesia) to be our incubator. We collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism (Wonderful Indonesia) and GENPI (Gerakan Pariwisata Indonesia) to develop better Indonesian tourism.

    Job description

    • Responsible for Product Core Service for Flight, Hotel & Train (Integrate with 3rd Party)
    • Research & Develop Pilot Project for Backend Service Architecture with Golang
    • Research & Develop gorm for relational database with golang service
    • Research & Develop ELK Server with go-elasticsearch, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana
    • Research & Develop golang-migrate for Data Migration with MySQL
    • Meet Stakeholders and Create Product Requirement Document
    • Wireframing Design UI/UX with Team Design
    • Set Up Scoping and Timeline
    • Become Scrum Master in Team
    • Sprint Planning, Story Point, Daily & Weekly Standup
    • Release and Retrospective

  • PT. SimpleFi Teknologi Indonesia (Awantunai)
    Java Software Engineer
    May 2018 - Dec 2018 (Full-time)

    We help banks provide financing for financial access to large consumers in Indonesia. We believe that everyone in Indonesia has the right to access affordable and safe financing to improve their welfare. Whether it's shop owners who have difficulty getting working capital, or consumers who want to enjoy the convenience of modern financing in the store. AwanTunai provides a mobile application to help anyone in Indonesia access affordable and safe financing from banks.

    Job description

    • Responsible for Location Scoring, Late Fee and Waive Fee Service
    • Meeting with Product Team for Requirement System
    • Become Technical Writer for System Design Project
    • Develop CS Dashboard for Backend Service
    • Maintain Current Product and Improvement
    • Help Bug Fixing & Trace Issue

  • PT. First Wap International (1rstWAP)
    Java Developer
    Feb 2018 - April 2018 (Full-time)

    1rstWAP is a leading mobile messaging provider, offering advanced mobile messaging, location-based solutions and other services to mobile network providers, mobile virtual network providers, enterprise customers, government entities, and to those who seek a (branded) mobile communication solution. 1rstWAP operate its own telecommunication systems and infrastructure, including a distributed network of SMSCs installed at mobile network providers.

    Job description

    • Responsible to Rewrite Admin Service Dashboard

  • PT. Jati Piranti Solusindo (Jatis Solution)
    Java Web Developer
    Jul 2017 - Jan 2018 (Contract)

    PT. Jati Piranti Solusindo(Jatis Solutions) established in 1997, and now become Indonesian leading e-solutions provider which have served hundreds of clients across the region. Jatis Solutions (member of Indivara Group) provides Enterprise Application Integration as well as Professional Services complemented by consulting delivery and third party partner product to rapidly deploy technology services to the customers.

    Job description

    • Responsible to Project Human Capital Management System (Internal Client)
    • Responsible to Project Courier Express System (Asperindo)
    • Develop Improvement System based Requirement
    • Teamwork with Business Analyst and Project Manager
    • Help Trace & Fix Bugs

  • PT. DAC Solution Informatika
    Jan 2017 - Jun 2017 (Internship)

    Established since May 2008, our vision is as an Information Technology consulting company, offering solutions that are appropriate by providing appropriate, effective and efficient solutions.

    Job description

    • Responsible DAC Absensi Service (Internal Client)
    • Responsible Sistem Information Iptek Nasional - SIIN (Vendor of Ristekdikti)
    • Training Java with Spring Boot and ZK Framework
    • Help Vendor of Bursa Efek Indonesia to Scrapping News Data

Academic Background

Bina Nusantara University

Bachelor of Information System

October 2017 - December 2019

Universitas Indonesia

Diploma of Accounting Information System Technology

August 2014 - September 2017

SMA Negeri 55 Jakarta

June 2011 - July 2014

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
—Milton Berle

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